We have moved to www.greatmathsteachingideas.com

The site has been an amazing success since the launch in June this year. We’ve had over 1000 visitors from all over the world to the site since it started. Thank you to everyone who has supported the site since day one and I hope that you have found it a really useful place for getting lesson ideas, resources and a place that makes you think. I’m really enjoying developing the site and continuing sharing everything I find with you all.

I feel it’s time the site gets developed a little further and so have now moved it to:


If you would like to continue to receive email updates from the new site please enter you email address in the subscription box on the right hand side in the new site.

I really hope you like the look of the newly revamped Great Maths Teaching Ideas website and I look forward to continuing sharing the ideas and resources with you all in the future!

Thanks for your continued support!

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